RCA Victor
Newletter, 1946

Note: The sale price of each individual disc was only 75 cents. Also, the photo below is of Virgil at the Wanamaker console (!) - they even reversed the image as the original photo had Fox facing to the right. No mention is made of the specific venue.

RCA Victor
Scans from original disc

Below: Scans of the original disc labels from these recordings. Each disc was only able to accommodate a few minutes worth of music on one side, so what is now on one compact disc was originally distributed on twelve 78 RPM wax discs. Often a single piece was recorded on two or more sides of a disc.

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As with many 78's at the time, these albums were sold in plain white envelopes - no cardboard box or cover with artwork was produced for them.

RCA Victor
Recording Worksheets

Below: Scans of the worksheets used by RCA and recording engineers. Dates of the recordings are listed, as well as times and other information pertinent to the project. These files are stored at the Smithsonian and copies were obtained by John Wilson.

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Worksheet 1

Worksheet 3

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 4